ARTEC Regional Professional Technical Charter School (ARTEC RPTCS) is a regional professional-technical charter school for students in grades 9-12. It is available to public high school students, private high school students and home school students in South Central Idaho.  Live classroom instruction, dual concurrent credit and technical credits are offered from the College of Southern Idaho.  To enroll in the Charter School, contact the Administration listed.


Teachers are doing amazing things and the students are engaged using equipment and materials supplied through ARTEC and ARTEI.  

Minico High School’s Residential Construction and this year’s Tiny House and Chess Board.

mhsresident mhsconstruct

Minico High School’s Ag Program’s Welding Simulator.

mhsag2 mhsag

Minico High School’s Broadcast Technology and their new Voice-Over station and Microphones.

mhsmedia mhsmedia2

Cassia Regional Tech Center coffee table that looks like the Starship Enterprise.


Cassia Regional Tech Center Dog House and Playhouse.

crtcdog crtcplayhouse

Cassia Regional Tech Center Model Homes made from styrofoam board.

crtcmodel crtcmod

Minico High School’s Diesel Program.


Minico High School’s Cabinetry Program’s CNC Mill.


Gooding High School’s CNA program.


Gooding High School’s Cabinetry Program.


Minico High School’s Residential Construction Program. 2021 Tiny House.


Minico High School’s Autobody Program.


Hagerman High School’s and Idaho’s new Food Science and Processing program.


img_7724 img_1124 img_1123 img_7562 img_7566 img_7654

Buhl High School Culinary Arts students expose bread to different surfaces to determine whether bacteria will grow. 


Minico High School Health Occupations Student Association.


Twin Falls High School 3D Printer.


Kimberly High School Students earned their Adobe Certifications.



Kimberly High School CNC Mill assembled  using parts they manufactured on a 3D printer.


Minico High School Hospital beds donated by St. Luke’s to the CNA program.


Arcade built by electronics, cabinet making, graphics, and drafting programs.


Cassia Regional Technical Charter School’s New wood planer .


Minico High School Residential Construction Program.


Minico High School Autobody Program.

image-1 image-2

Minico High School Information Technology Program received new computers.


Canyon Ridge High School showcasing the numerous Adobe certifications earned by their students during the first semester.


Cassia Regional Technical Center was able to purchase the engine stand which enable students to turn the heavy diesel engines upside down when needed.


Twin Falls High School School of Finance at College of Southern Idaho Challenge Course.

dsc04517 dsc04752 dsc04748 dsc04668 dsc04716

Twin Falls High School DECA students who competed in Orlando, Florida.  There were 23,000 students in attendance this year.


Jerome High School student receives certification!

Jerome High School


Twin Falls High School at BPA National Conference!

1st place Financial Analyst Team – Ben Atkin, Lara Maccabee, Brandon Rasmussen, Ian Matlock
6th place Advanced Interview Skills – Ben Atkin
10th place Digital Media Production – Karen Winslow
15 out of 73 – Fundamental Accounting – Jeremy Case
15 out of 49 – Graphic Design Promotion – Aman Eujayl

Dietrich High School classroom projects.


Gooding High School wood shop students designed and  made plaques for the International Envirothon Competition that was held in Pocatello, ID last July. 82 plaques were made and went out to schools in 26 states & 3 Foreign countries.

These plaques were designed their new V-Carve software and fabricated on their new CNC machines.  The ARTEC grant awarded to this  program bought the 5 computers that aided the students in the design process.  The CNC machines were acquired using a grant from CTE.

More projects like this one are in the works.  One such project will be designing and fabricating plaques for all of the Idaho Veterans who have been honorably discharged from all branches of their military service.  This design is being finalized and will be sent to the Idaho State House for their approval.  Once approved, they will begin collecting names and begin production.


Buhl Automotive students helped to refurbish a van for a man who lost his leg. Putting their skills to good use!


Cassia Regional Technical Center received several grants this year to purchase updated equipment!

New Lifts


Wide Format Printer


Automated CPR Device


Cassia Regional Technical Center CNA Students checking blood pressure for Dr. Smyer!



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