Information Technology

Blackburn_Vaughn_DNA and RNA Manipulatives

LaMarche_Pike_App for That

Blackburn_Hammersley_Polling the People – Old Time Journalism

Wardle_Vaughn_Ecological Relationships

Moretti_LaMarche_Topographic Mapping

Huttanus_Darrington_Senior Project Promotional Video

Huttanus_Darrington_Panelist Orientation Video

Cameron_Oppelt_Super Hero Animation

Cameron_Oppelt_Ancient Rome Travel Web Site

Techs Teaching Technology

Enhancing Senior Projects With Video

Scrum Math Facts

Statistics and Presentation

Tree Phenology Response to Climate Change

Who Dropped the Ball

Technical Reading

Exploring New Topics

Articulating Article

On-Demand Media

Foreign Policy Project

Foreign Policy English-gov handout

Foreign Policy Video Handout

Video Editing Rubric

Navigation – Now and Then

Communication with Industry Experts

TFSD Web References Medieval Research Project

ITMagazine Blogs Creative Cliques

Animated History Project

Cases in Point

Cases in Point Rubric

Poetry Documentary

PSA for Health Issues

Making a Good Impression Video Resume and Interview

Business Proposal with an Environmental Impact

Cary Friendly on trial

Donkeys and Elephants

Be the Change in the World

Fired for Blogging

Web Site Evaluation

Professional Technical Education Portfolio

Big Brother Podcasting Project

Moodle Integration

Political Party Campaign

Rock Creek Settlement and History of Kimberly

Why Kimberly

Peer Review

Resources for Successful Student Research

Bruin News Online

Water Water Everywhere

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