• Enrolling in ARTEC/ARTE I RPTCS allows students the opportunity to explore areas of interest as well as earn an industry certificate in a chosen field while doing projects which link academics to their chosen technical field.
  • Many  students learn specialized skills during their high school experience  that enable them to enter the workforce directly with above-minimum wage  qualifications following graduation, enter a technical program with college  credit and/or enroll in a regular post-secondary institution with the knowledge  and skills needed to graduate.
  • Other high school subjects become more meaningful when the skills and  understandings from these subjects are applied in technical classes.  As part of the  curriculum in the ARTEC/ARTE I RPTCS, academic and technical instructors work  together on joint projects which will allow the students to understand and  apply academic principles to a technical career interest to them.
  • High-end, industry-based  technical programs offer students an interesting curriculum and practical  skills which can be used in their personal as well as professional lives.
  • Students  develop close friendships with other teenagers who have common interests.


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