ARTEC/ARTE I RPTCS Graduation Requirements

Content Area  Requirements
English 8 credits
Speech 1 credit
Mathematics 6 credits (This includes courses to meet Algebra I and Geometry standards with two credits during the senior year)
Science 6 credits (Four of the credits must be in a lab science)
US History 2 credits
US Government 2 credits
Economics 1 credit
Humanities 2 credits (includes Fine Arts, foreign language and/or humanities)
Health 1 credit
Total Required Core Credits  29 
Total Required Elective Credits  19 (including at least three in the technical area)
Total Required Minimum Credits  48
Additional Requirements 
Advanced Opportunities Dual Credit or technical credit (at least one credit in technical field)
Senior Project Includes an oral presentation and a written report by the end of senior year on a topic relating to the chosen technical field
College entrance Exam Take the ACT, SAT, COMPASS, orACCUPLACER exam by the end of the junior year (The state will pay for the SAT or ACCUPLACER one time during the junior year)
ISAT (or other test to be determined) Pass the ISAT with a score of Proficient or Advanced in Reading, Math, and Language Usage
Middle School Take Pre-Algebra before 9th grade
Skill Certificate Complete Skills Certificate successfully
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