Vision, Mission, and Beliefs


Our vision is that ARTEC Regional Professional Technical Charter School (RPTCS) students will complete their high school education with:

  • Strong self-esteem and high personal expectation through a mastery of skills — linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technical, artistic, physical and social,
  • Tolerance, honesty, integrity, good judgment and respect for others, and
  • An appreciation of the work ethic and the free enterprise system.

ARTEC RPTCS will help students build a foundation of post-secondary credit and/or industry certifications that will motivate them to complete a post-secondary program leading to a successful and responsible life style and employment.



ARTEC Charter School is committed to providing high-end professional-technical programs to high school students in the Magic and Wood River Valleys that enables them to succeed in their chosen professional-technical career.



We Believe that:

  • Successful education requires the collective efforts of students, parents, staff, and community.
  • Quality education includes excellence in teaching and exposure to technology, essential curricular materials, and a variety of learning experiences and positive life choices.
  • High expectations foster high achievement.
  • Diversity strengthens and enriches the climate and culture of our school.
  • A learning environment must be established that values each individual and promotes self-worth.
  • Everyone has the right to expect and the obligation to give respect.

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