Student Information

Area High School Student Opportunities

Any Magic Valley area high school students can attend ARTEC RPTCS professional technical programs in the various area high schools that offer these programs and can do so subject to available space at no cost other than College of Southern Idaho concurrent credit charges, if applicable. This may be an ARTEC RPTCS program right in their home high school or in a neighboring high school. Students must provide their own transportation to high schools other than their home high school.

Home School Student Opportunities

Home school high school (grades 9-12) students have the opportunity to enroll in online classes through IDLA for at least half time and to attend a Magic/Wood River Valley area high school that offers ARTEC RPTCS professional technical classes for classes in a chosen professional technical program. Thus a home school student would attend an area high school for the equivalent of one half day and would take the remainder of course work at home enrolled in IDLA classes.

Private School Student Opportunities

Private school students can continue to attend their private schools and can enroll in ARTEC RPTCS Professional Technical classes in area high schools for a half day at no cost to either the parents or the private school. See the topic, Programs, for specific programs located at specific area high schools

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