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ARTEC Regional Professional Technical Charter School (ARTEC RPTCS) is a regional professional-technical charter school for students in grades 9-12. It is available to public high school students, private high school students and home school students in South Central Idaho.  Live classroom instruction, online courses, dual concurrent credit and Tech Prep courses are offered.  To enroll in the Charter School, contact the Administration listed.

The Finance Academy program at Twin Falls High School has been named the national Career Technical Education Consortium high school program for the month of September. 

Congratulations Lorraine and Carrie!!!!

The Twin Falls Information Technology program became the first IT program in the state to be accepted into the Advanced Placement programs.  Students can earn AP credits while taking advanced IT courses.  In addition, three advanced IT classes are broadcast to interested students around the state on the Idaho Education Network.

The Buhl Automotive Technology students are assisting Care Convey by doing all the needed repair work on donated firetruck  which will go to Lebaron, Mexico in the spring.   Lebaron is a small rural community which has primitive emergency services.  The Kimberly Information Technology program is assisting in the process by preparing a video as well.